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AJAX, DOM, Javascript/JQuery & CSS

Photo Slideshow Module

The Photo Slideshow module uses an ajax request to gather information about a set of pictures that are posted on any external website. Images are pre-loaded, and the slideshow begins, fading-in a new image every few seconds. Buttons located above the image panel allow the viewer control over which image is viewed.

AJAX, DOM, Javascript/JQuery & CSS

Toolbar System Module

The Toolbar System is a horizontal navigational toolbar that provides users with the links they need to get exactly where they want to go within a website. This menu system module is fully compatible with standards-based, DOM-compliant browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox and Mozilla.

Vertical Toolbar System Module

With some minor changes to the existing codebase, the very same horizontal toolbar script can be used to create a vertical (left-panel) slide-out-type menu system.


CSS Image Sprites

CSS image-sprites are a way of showing many different images to a viewer of your webpage by using a single image as a resource. The idea of using CSS to utilize these sprites came about long after the image-sprite concept had been around. The main reason for using them is to reduce the number of HTTP requests for images referenced by a website. However, these sprites can also be used in combination with CSS to produce dynamic content.