Dropmenu Toolbar Module (AJAX, Javascript/JQuery & CSS)

Notice the horizontal toolbar rendered above.
Additional example: Vertical Toolbar System
See also: Toolbar System Codebase

Screen-shot of the Toolbar System The Toolbar System is a horizontal navigational toolbar that provides users with the links they need to get exactly where they want to go within a website. This menu system module is fully compatible with standards-based, DOM-compliant browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Firefox.

The code that creates and drives this module was originally created back in the days of v.4 browsers, when web standards were basically ignored by browser manufacturers. In the years since, I've tweaked the code to be functional in newer—standards-compliant—browser releases.

With some minor changes to the existing codebase, the very same horizontal toolbar script can be used to create a vertical (left-panel) slide-out-type toolbar.

Feel free to check-out the Dropmenu Toolbar Module's Javascript codebase.