Web Design Portfolio

A good deal of the websites I've had the pleasure to work on are confined within corporate Intranets. As such, I'm not really at liberty to display them to you. A couple of Internet sites I've designed have closed their virtual doors—if you will—and so I cannot provide links to them, either. However, there are a couple of Websites that are very much alive and kicking today.

Rainier Title

Screen-shot of Rainier Title's homepage Rainier Title is a real estate title and escrow company located in Bellevue, WA. They provide high-quality title insurance, property information and escrow services in King, Pierce, Snohomish & Kitsap Counties.

I was hired-on as an Internet program manager/ASP.NET deleoper for this company in the summer of 2006. During my first year there, I created and implemented the very first Intranet Website for this company. I worked with their management to create, edit and publish departmental content. I also collaborated with upper and middle-management to develop a mid-sized customer database application; and worked with the company's HR department to develop a multi-purpose timesheet/calendar application.

When the Intranet requirements were met, I went-on to develop requirements documentation for a newer version of the company's customer-facing Website. When the documentation was complete, we made a sudden change of direction as the Real Estate industry began to slowly collapse. It became clear to us that it would make more sense to release a more simplfied version of the site. So I ultimately did a total redesign of their orders system, and slapped a pretty UI over top of that. I sorted through their pre-existing content, throwing away the out-dated stuff and adding new content where needed.

What was once a planned overhaul turned into a 3-month makeover. In the end, we had a Website that was well-received and which is still in used (and being updated) to this day.

Reconveyance Professionals (RPI)

Screen-shot of Reconveyance Professionals' Homepage Reconveyance Professionals is yet another real estate company—actually, it's a reconveyance document and document-tracking enterprise. The company is located in Everett, WA. and provides high-quality reconveyance documentation, tracking and other related services for banks and escrow businesses located around—but not necessarily limited to—in the Puget Sound area.

I began free-lancing for this company in the wake of the dot-com crash. As a matter of fact, this Website allowed me to get my feet wet with ASP.NET and ADO.NET technologies. I've also created a couple of simple Web services that allow for some simple-but-useful HTML features on a few of the forms located in this Web application.

For this particular project, I have almost exclusively worn the hat of a Web Developer. I worked with a talented database engineer, who designed the system and schema. I then designed and created a user-interface that allows the customers to interact with the data with confidence. It is fundamentally a form-based site, and most of the content is available after a login.