About My Artwork

I achieved a BA in Art (with a focus on painting) from The University of Massachusetts, Boston. I like to do figure, still life, and landscape drawing. I use sketches, photos, and I work on location to create original artwork in oil, acrylic, collage, and mixed media. In the past, I have taken the opportunity to exhibit some of my work at the ArtsWest and Friesen Galleries. In fact, the owner of the Friesen Gallery purchased the first piece that I placed at that gallery. I've included some sample of my work on this website.

Drawing Samples

Arlene This is a simple little sketch I did in a figure drawing session.

Melissa Another sketch that I re-worked at a later date by adding some collage elements.

Sleeper Another figure sketch. However, with this one I've added some paint and collage elements at a later date to finish it. The model had fallen asleep during the session, and was almost so grotesquely thin that he sort of looked dead... hence the title.

Painting Samples

Lovers This is an abstract of two moonlit lovers embraced on a couch. One of whom is obviously "the aggressor".

Old Boat This old boat is a West Seattle icon. I love the discarded. Old abandoned cars, broke-down houses, barns and sheds really float my boat. I believe that this boat is still on Alki Drive -- albeit with a bit more grafitti.

Pike Place There's some great color and variety in this painting.