Andrew Gillis
10212-318th Ave NE • Carnation, WA 98014
e-mail: • phone: (425) 844-2365

Work Experience Summary

I have nineteen years of experience developing for the World Wide Web and for Microsoft's Intranet–including component design and development, site management, and code maintenance. I have also been tasked with content development and editing. My work experience includes backend development using SQL Server for both ASP and .Net form-based Websites. I am a proven and capable Web designer, with a good eye for UI and design. I like to be involved in trouble-shooting when issues arise. I am currently available to start any project immediately.


  • Front-to-Backend, "All-Hats" Web Development
  • Cross-Browser Compliant WebpageCreation
  • Cascading Stylesheet Development
  • UI Layout and Information Design
  • XML/XSLT Development
  • SQL Database Development

Programming Languages

ASP.Net; ADO.Net; VB.Net; C#; SQL; TFS; CSS; Javascript; JQuery; XML/XSLT.

Work Experience Details

Front-End Web Developer Microsoft Corp; Redmond, WA; via Pactera. (01/2015 – 07/2017)

I partnered with a third-party Web-platform publishing team, owning and developing front-end code (HTML, JQuery, Javascript and CSS) within a Visual Studio-based MVC Web-application project for Microsoft Store's online presence. Was tasked with creating grid-based, responsive features, adhering to code-review standards prior to weekly check-ins and deployment. In addition to my coding responsibilities, I assisted as daily scrum-master (TFS) during the last several months of my assignment. Keeping meetings short, fruitful and on-point was the primary goal.

ASP.Net MVC Web Developer Microsoft Corp; Redmond, WA; via Insight Global. (04/2013 - 06/2014)

I developed the code-base for Bing Dev Center using Visual Studio and an MS-internal source control/build system (C#, MVC, XML, XHTML, Javascript and CSS; published to Azure Websites via PowerShell scripts). Following the release of Dev Center, I was tasked with site maintenance, modifications and improvements. I also created the Contextual Awareness Markup Validator tool which allows developers to test semantic data embedded in e-mail message markup or JSON-LD scripts for the purpose of informing Cortana-based apps. All of the code I created (and subsequent modifications) passed peer-reviews and unit-testing was required.

ASP.Net MVC Web Developer Microsoft Corp; Redmond, WA; via Populus Group. (09/2010 – 09/2011)

I partnered with a Web-platform publishing team by owning and developing code (C#, XML, XHTML, Javascript and CSS) within a Visual Studio-based Web-application project for Office 365 online help. In so doing, I adhered to strict standards whereby each line of code required unit-test coverage. I also acted as primary tester for my group, so at times I needed to objectively critique and locate weaknesses my own work-product. In addition to meeting a monthly schedule for code updates, I was tasked with designing new solutions in a quick and efficient manner.

ASP.Net Web Developer Microsoft Corp; Redmond, WA; via Artech (05/2009 – 05/2010)

I developed a UA publication Website for Microsoft's Business Productivity Online Standard Suite cloud-based service (BPOS). This work required a solid understanding of content-encoding practices in order to allow for accurate translation of our help documentation from English into 19 additional languages. I utilized the Bing Search API to develop a content search system which functions equally-well in 20 languages. I also created code to automate the publication process, allowing for rapid turnaround times after localization hand-backs.

In addition, I developed MVC-based code for the BPOS "Area" of a yet-to-be-released TechNet Web publication system–which will eventually supersede their current system. The ASP.Net MVC technology that this site employs is relatively new and–as such–I was tasked with creating a usable system while navigating a steep learning-curve with minimal assistance. I used MoQ objects for all unit tests, as required for code-checkin compliance.

ASP.Net Web Developer Microsoft Corp; Redmond, WA; via Aditi Tech. (02/2008 - 03/2008)

I worked on a six week project to upgrade an image-survey Website. This site is used for gathering UI feedback from Microsoft managers in targeted markets across the globe. The upgrade project included: Moving the application to a improved server; Upgrading an existing code-base to .NET 2.0; and Upgrading existing database to SQL Server 2005.

Internet Program Manager / ASP.Net Web Developer Rainier Title Co; Bellevue, WA; (2006-2008)

Created and implemented the very first Intranet Website for this company. Worked with individual managers to edit and publish departmental content. Collaborated with upper and middle-management to develop a mid-sized customer database application; and worked with the company's HR department to develop a multi-purpose timesheet/calendar application. I also developed requirements documentation for the next version of the company's customer-facing Website. I debugged and re-engineered sections of the company's pre-existing Website.

Freelance Web Development Consulting (2003-present)

Developed a cross-browser, cross-platform document-explorer componentusing scripted HTML and CSS. Delivered the HTML required to implement a Website help-system, per existing design specifications. I am currently creating two separate ASP.Net-based Web applications for a real estate title reconveyance company.

InfoPath and ASP.Net Web Developer Microsoft Corp; Redmond, WA; via Siemens (2006)

I developed components of a custom MSN Web publication system by creating XML and XSL templates. This work required an understanding of the business model, the content development platform, and the users' interaction with the system. To develop on this platform, I was required to create InfoPath-based XML documents for the purpose of gathering content/data. I also developed the XSL templates, which could ultimately transform the data gathered into XHTML. In addition to my work on this publication platform, I also developed pages for sections of the MSN Money Website.

SharePoint and ASP.Net Web Developer Microsoft Corp; Redmond, WA; via Aditi Tech. (2004-2005)

Extended a SharePoint interface to include explorer-style navigation, shared Webpart page templates, and customizable stylesheets. I restructured the information-design of Intranet Websites so that they could become more useful communication mechanisms. I migrated a series of SharePoint Websites from a shared MS server to a new portal server. I also developed an image-survey Website used for gathering feedback from Microsoft managers in targeted markets across the globe. Data gathered via the surveys is used by UI designers to determine geo-political implications of including specific imagery within MS international software releases.

Web Designer, ASP.Net Developer Quizzle Corporation; Bothell, WA (2002-2003)

Utilized ASP.Net technologies and SQL Server 2000 to create the Quizzle (online quiz-contest) Website. Core responsibilities of this position included the design and implementation of a Web-based information gathering UI, and a contest-tracking system. I created stored procedures for a SQL Server and used them to process customer information accumulated via .Net Web form pages. I wrote clear and concise component specifications after changes to the application's feature-set. Researched and developed most of the quiz content, and performed copy-editing duties as needed.

ASP Web Developer DocuTouch Corporation; Seattle, WA (2000-2001)

I was an ASP component developer for DocuTouch, a Web application that allowed customers to securely and legally sign documents over the Internet. My main responsibilities included development of Internet Explorer 5+ DOM components (via scripted HTML and CSS.) I was called upon to trouble-shoot and resolve client-side cross-browser issues. I also wrote client/server scripts for forms-based Web transactions, keeping textual content separate from application logic to allow for language preference changes on this globalized Website.

ASP Web Developer Microsoft Corp.; Redmond, WA (1996-1999); via Excell Data. (1999-2000)

As a full-time employee at Microsoft, I served as a Webmaster for the Technical Education (MSTE) and Product Development Resources (PDR) divisions. As a contract Web Developer, I was responsible for the design, development, and content management of Websites for the Microsoft Commerce Server 2000 (CS2K) Product Unit. I maintained a central information repository for the Microsoft development community, allowing department directors to add content at their convenience.

Tools and Environments

Windows XP; Windows Server 2003; IIS 6.0; Active Server Pages (ASP); ASP.Net Objects; SharePoint Portal Server; Adobe Photoshop; Cascading Style Sheets (CSS); Cross-browser Web development using Javascript; XHTML (and client-side scripting); Microsoft Access 2000; Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc...); SQL Server 2000; Visual Studio .Net; Visual SourceSafe (VSS).

Higher Education

B.A., Art - University of Massachusetts; Boston, MA (1982-1986) graduated cum laude--focus on painting.


References are available upon request.

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