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DOM, Javascript & CSS1

You quite likely arrived at this page via the application menubar navigational device—the horizontal black bar located just above this page's header text. I find it a great way to give users the links they need to get exactly where they want to go within a the website. This menu system module is fully compatible with standards-based, DOM-compliant Internet Explorer and Mozilla browsers.

With some minor changes to the extant codebase, the exact-same horizontal toolbar javascript can be utilized to create a vertical (left-panel) slide-out-type menu system—as seen in the left-nav region of this page.

AJAX, DOM, Javascript & CSS1

The Image Slideshow module uses an Http-Request to gather information about a set of pictures that are posted on flickr.com. Images are pre-loaded, and the slideshow begins... fading-in a new image every few seconds. Buttons located above the image panel allow the viewer control over which image is viewed.