Some Fine-Art, Web Design and & Design Pointers

Fine-Art Portfolio

Back in the days when punk was but a novel fashion trend, I achieved my BA degree in Art (w/ focus on painting) from the University of Massachusetts, Boston. After which, I supported myself by picture-framing, and selling a painting here and there. In my more productive years as an artist, I loved to create figure, still-life, and landscape drawings and paintings.

I've included several pictures of my work on this site. Please feel free to browse a sampling of this artwork.

Web Design Portfolio

More recently, I've been working as a Web Designer and ASP.Net Web Developer. I tend to focus more on information-design, and leave the pixel-pushing and artistic-stylings to the graphic artists that I have been fortunate enough to team-up with.

If you're interested, I've included descriptions of some of the sites that I've worked on recently.